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How OFWs Can Pay for the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan


Part of the programs of Pag-Ibig is to provide housing loan for Overseas Filipino Workers. All OFWs, immigrants, and naturalized citizens can save money through Pag-Ibig and get a chance to avail housing loan with the maximum amount of Php 6M, but may depends on the capacity to pay and the housing needs of the OFW.


If you are interested to apply for a OFW Housing Loan, all you have to do is to complete the basic requirements including the following requirements:

  • Application form with recent ID photo attached
  • Membership status verification slip (with a minimum of 24 months’ contribution)
  • Proof of income certified and validated by the HDMF Information Officer in the country where the OFW is working
  • Photocopy of borrower’s valid ID
  • Authorization to Conduct Credit Background Investigation duly signed by the borrower
  • Full medical examination or health statement form for borrowers 60 years old and above
  • Marriage contract or certificate of no marriage, whichever is applicable

Aside from the basic requirements, there are other technical requirements that the borrower should prepare.

Once the housing loan application is approved and the fund is released, the next thing to do is to ensure that you can pay the monthly amortization. Paying the monthly amortization is never an issue because there are many remittance company partners and collecting agents overseas.

  1. Philippine National Bank

There are many PNB branches overseas where OFWs can pay the housing loan amortization such as Bahrain, China, Canada, France, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, United Kingdom, and USA.

  1. Asia United Bank

The AUB offers different payment facilities like I-Express Remit Mo sa Pag-IBIG, I-Text Mo sa Pag-IBIG, AUB Foreign Tie-Ups in several countries.

  1. I-Remit

OFWs can also pay their housing loan amortization through I-Remit. All they have to do is to fill out the remittance form and auxiliary service form and submit those to iRemit teller. When using this payment option, make sure that you receive a validated OR with unique reference transaction number.

  1. Ventaja (PayPilipinas)

This is another payment facility where OFWs can pay the loan amortization and Pag-IBIG contributions.

Make sure to pay your housing loan amortization on time to avoid penalties and other charges for delayed or default payments.


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