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How Can an OFW Have a Very Merry Christmas While in Abroad


In spite of the fact that Overseas Filipino Workers are known as the modern day heroes, many people don’t understand the sacrifices they have been going through. Working in foreign countries miles apart from their families involves a lot of sacrifices especially missing occasions like Christmas.


How do OFWs spend or celebrate the Christmas season away from home? It is said that it is incomparable celebrating Christmas in the Philippines. That’s why during this time many OFWs think of going back home to be with their loved ones. But, what if there’s no chance of coming back home? Is it possible to have a very merry Christmas abroad even far from home?

Here are some of the ideas how OFWs can spend their Christmas merrily away from their families:

Set a Christmas atmosphere


It is possible to celebrate a merry Christmas abroad as long as the spirit of the season is felt by creating a Christmas mood. In fact, OFWs working in the Middle East find ways in decorating their homes with Christmas decorations as long as it is indoors.

Filipinos are music lovers and love to sing along that’s why OFWs can celebrate Christmas through music and singing along with friends.

Celebrate with the Filipino community


OFWs are present anywhere in the world and this is one of the reasons why in one way or another working in foreign countries is a bit easier. Celebrating Christmas Pinoy-style is always possible by getting together with Filipino communities. This is the ideal way to alleviate homesickness during the holiday season.

Connect with family and friends back home


With the advent of internet homesickness during Christmas can be relieved by connecting with family and friends back home. You can have real-time video chats more conveniently as if celebrating Christmas together.

Treat yourself


As you’re working hard in foreign country to send your family money and gifts during the Christmas season, you can also give yourself a present. Spending the holiday season in a local getaway or tour can alleviate homesickness.

Being away from the family and loved ones is not the reason to be melancholic during Christmas. Consider those ideas listed above for a very Merry Christmas even away from home.


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