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How can an OFW Attain Financial Stability


It is said that working overseas can give you and your family a better living. But, the dollars that OFWs earned don’t guarantee a good life forever. There are cases in which OFWs come home with little to no money left after the contract expired.


If you’re an OFW, you should think about the future of your family once you stop working abroad. Here are some tips that will lead you to financial stability:

  • Set your goal

Obviously, you have a solid reason why you decide to work abroad away from your family. You can use your reason to set a goal that will motivate you to save every payday. Set aside a fraction of your salary for savings before purchasing anything.

  • Set a budget

One of the main reason to work overseas is to give your family a comfortable life. But, it doesn’t mean to send them big part of your salary. As you’re abroad, you should budget your salary so that you can monitor your earnings and ensure that you’re spending your money properly.

  • Needs over wants

There’s nothing wrong giving in to your family’s request. But, make sure not to give them material things. You should determine needs over wants. Always prioritize the needs of your family so that your budget won’t be compromised.

  • Inform your family about your goal towards financial stability

Achieving financial stability for the family should not be a one-man effort. Everyone in the family must be involve. With this, it makes sense informing your spouse and children to save money and prioritize their needs. You should not be complacent even if you’re earning big amount of salary every month. Every member of the family should be financially responsible.

  • Invest for extra income

No matter how big your salary it would never be enough because the cost of living of your family will constantly increase. To avoid compromising your savings you should consider having an extra income.

You should invest your hard-earned money that will make it grow. If you don’t want to invest in business, you can invest in stocks, mutual funds, time deposit, or real estate.

Always remember your reason why you’re working abroad. This will keep you on track and attain financial stability while working abroad and even when you retire.


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