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How an OFW Can Register as Member of PhilHealth


The main objective of PhilHealth is to give health insurance coverage accessible and affordable to all Filipino citizens not only here in the Philippines but also OFWs.

Filipinos who are working in foreign countries can also register with PhilHealth and pay the required monthly contributions. This way, when medical emergencies happen, the OFW member or his/her dependents can claim for medical assistance or cash benefits.

How to register in PhilHealth

  • First, is to fill out the PhilHealth Member Registration Form with the required information. You can download the form from the official website of the agency or from the Local Health Insurance Office. Submit the completed registration form at the POEA or any PhilHealth office. If the OFW is unable to submit personally like the seafarers, they can submit the registration form to their manning agency.
  • After submitting the PMRF, the OFW can start paying the contributions either monthly or quarterly.
  • A health insurance ID card will be provided indicating the PIN and the Member Data Record.

Another way to register is through the electronic online registration system. This method provides ease and convenience particularly for OFWs. The phases involve in registration can be done online and you can send supporting documents through emails.

Required contributions to PhilHealth

The current contributions for land-based OFWs is Php2,400 annually. The good thing is that you can pay 2 to 5 years advance or may also depends on the employment contract.

On the other hand, the premium contributions of seafarers depend on the salary and based on the premium schedule.

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Pay your premiums only to collecting agents accredited by PhilHealth. The OFW member can avail the benefits even when confined in hospitals abroad. Likewise, the dependents living in the Philippines can also avail the same benefits including outpatient benefits, inpatient benefits, MDG-related benefits, and Z benefits.


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