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Guidelines About the Taxable Luggage Items for OFW Balikbayan


Have you heard about the proposal of the Bureau of Customs to open and check all balikbayan boxes? But, OFWs have nothing to worry about because such law was trashed as opposed by the OFWs and their families.Guidelines-About-the-Taxable-Luggage-Items-for-OFW-Balikbayan

Recently, the Bureau of Customs had announced the taxable items in a balikbayan box once an OFW or a traveler arrive in the Philippines.  On the other hand, the BOC had announced that balikbayan boxes brought by the passenger and in which the cost doesn’t exceed to Php10,000 are tax-exempt.

To understand more about the guidelines of BOC pertaining to the items that are taxable when brought in the Philippines, please read on.

Filipinos returning to the country and who have stayed in foreign countries for more than a year are given the privilege to enjoy the tax exemption law on several items as to the extent of the following:

Returning resident – Anyone who would return in the country are allowed to bring household goods and personal effects that were used by him or her while abroad for not less than 6 months and that carry dutiable value not exceeding to Php10,000 are exempted from taxes and duties.

However, any amount that exceeds to Php10,000 exemptions is subject to 50% duty as stated under section 105(F) of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines or TCCP.

Overseas Contract Worker – The Php10,000 worth of items that are exempt from taxes and duties is also applicable to OCWs. They are also allowed to bring used home appliances that worth Php10,000. But, only one unit of each appliance is allowed. Otherwise, exceeding Php10,000 will be subject to taxes and duties.

In addition, it is also stated in the guidelines that unaccompanied balikbayan boxes in which the amount exceeds to US$500 are charged for tax duty.


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