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Guide on How to Get Police Clearance in the Philippines


Police clearance is one of the basic requirements needed when applying for a job either locally or abroad.  It is also the key requirement when getting a NBI clearance, a passport, business permits and even postal ID.


It is a document that certifies and proves that a person has NO pending criminal case or bad record. Any individual can get a police clearance from the Police Stations.

Here’s how to get police clearance.


  • Latest Cedula (Community Tax Certificate)
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Application form (provided by your municipality)


  1. Visit the nearest police station in your municipality or town. Make sure to secure cedula and barangay clearance. Tell the officer in charge the purpose why you need to get the clearance.
  2. Fill out the form and you need to pay the necessary fees in the treasurer’s office. After your personal data is encoded, the officer will take a photo of you and the fingerprint.
  3. The police clearance will cost you about Php150.00.

In small municipalities and cities, you need not fall in long lines and wait for your number to be called. You can get the police clearance in just a few minutes.

In giving your personal information make sure that all the details are consistent and correct to avoid any problem. Affix the signature that you are using in your IDs and other pertinent documents.

Just like the NBI clearance, the police clearance expires after six months that it has been issued. Leave your comment below if you want to ask some questions.


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