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Guide in Online Application for TESDA Courses


TESDA courses are designed to assist people learn new skills that they can utilize in implementing tasks associated to specific crafts or jobs. The courses cover different disciplines and expertise. Taking TESDA courses may take few months but may also vary depending on the complexity of the skills.

Aside from enrolling to Technical Vocational Institutions authorized by TESDA, interested individuals may also opt to take online courses. All they have to do is to register on the official website of the agency. Upon registration, the applicant can access the various modules that they can use on how to execute specific tasks. However, the online courses are still limited and no online assessment offered yet.

Guide on how to apply for TESDA online courses

Step 1.

Log in to the official website of TESDA and fill out the online application form. Provide your name, birthday, permanent address, and active email address.

Click the “Agree” button so that you can continue to the next step and hit the “create” button. Then, you will receive your learner’s ID. Registration is allowed only once.

Step 2.

After you register, go to the next page where you can select the course you want to take. Provide your surname and the learner’s ID and verify your profile to complete your application.

Step 3.

After completing your online application, you will receive a feedback from the TESDA office through email.

The advantage of taking TESDA courses online is that you can study the module on your own pace. However, if it’s difficult for you to study on your own, then online training is not the right option for you.


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