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Guide in Obtaining Voter’s ID in the Philippines


One of the rights of a Filipino is the right to suffrage. As a citizen of the Philippines, you have the right to participate in every election and vote the leader whom you think can help the community and its constituents. Every registered voter of the Philippines is given a voter’s ID.Guide-in-Obtaining-Voter’s-ID-in-the-Philippines

A voter’s ID is one of the government-issued ID that isn’t only used for voting, but also for other transactions either in the government or private. It is used to prove the identity of the holder.

Requirements in applying for Voter’s ID

If you will apply for a voter’s ID all you have to do is to prepare all the required documents and bring it at the nearest COMELEC (Commission on Elections) office in your place. The requirements include any the following:

  • Postal ID
  • Library card or school ID (for students)
  • Employees ID signed by the employer or the company’s authorized representative
  • Senior citizens’ ID
  • PNP/NBI clearance
  • Passport
  • PRC license
  • Marriage certificate

Procedures in getting voter’s ID

  • Visit the nearest COMELEC office and present the requirements to the officer of the day.
  • If the requirements are complete, the staff will give you the application form.
  • Fill out the form and make sure that all the given information is true and accurate.
  • Submit the duly accomplished form to the staff.

It would take few months before the voter’s ID is released. You can visit the COMELEC office where you have filed the application form and follow up the ID.


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