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Frequently Asked Questions About Filing an Annulment in the Philippines


No matter how well you keep your marriage, there’s always the possibility that you will experience problems. There are marital issues that can be fixed (it depends to the couple), but others may seem to be serious. Thus, couple may end up parting ways and lead to annulment.

But, before couples should decide to file for annulment, it makes sense to know and understand how to file for annulment in the Philippines.

Here are some FAQs that will guide in making your decision and when is the right time to file an annulment:

  1. What are the common grounds for annulment?

The processing of annulment can be complicated due to the legal requirements to prove a ground. Psychological incapacity is the most common ground that has been used when filing for annulment in the Philippines. The Supreme Court determines psychological incapacity if one spouse is unable to comply his or her marital obligations.

  1. How much would annulment would cost you?

Aside from the time that the annulment process would take, you should also think about the cost that may be incurred during the process. The attorney’s fee may cost you from Php100,000 to Php500,000. Another thing is the cost of psychological assessment that may range from Php20,000 to Php40,000.

  1. How long the annulment process would take?

The time of completing the annulment process in the Philippines is affected by the congested cases filed in the court. Another factor is that few judges are available to handle such case, not to mention the availability of prosecutors. Thus, anyone who is planning to file an annulment case must expect that it may take about two to three years to complete the process.

  1. What is the difference between civil annulment and church annulment in the Philippines?

Although the Catholic pontiff had announced to simplify the annulment process in the Philippines, but legal experts said that it would not dissolve the marriage legally.  This means that a couple that was annulled by the church is not allowed to remarry in accordance to the law.

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The annulment process in the Philippines is not only complicated but also a big waste of time and money. Couples should think many times before deciding to break their marital ties. The key to avoid the long and winding road of annulment is to stay faithful and responsible not only to your spouse but also to your children. Keeping God at the center of your marriage will make it free from troubles.


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