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20% Fare Discounts for Students During Weekends Starting October 28


The LTFRB or Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board had issued a Memorandum Circular giving 20% discounts on PUV fares to students, PWDs, and senior citizens.


Sad to say that there are PUV drivers who are not practicing the implementation of the law. Some were too sarcastic saying that students should not be given discount during weekends particularly on Sundays.

The good news is that the Memorandum Circular was amended expanding the coverage of the implementation of 20% discounts for students. The fare discount will be extended to Saturdays, Sundays, and even holidays.

This issue was laid to rest because the LTFRB had announced that starting October 28, 2017, students will be entitled for the 20% discount on PUV fare even on weekends and holidays. Additionally, even during vacations and the classes are suspended, students can still take advantage with the fare discounts mandated by the government.

This is a great help to parents because the discount can reduce the transportation expenses and the savings can be used for other expenses such as tuition fees, allowances, and other school fees.   However, post-graduate school students are not included in the fare discounts. It’s because most of them are gainfully employed, thus they have the capability to pay the full amount.

On the contrary, some drivers were not in favor about the expansion of coverage for the 20% discount in PUV fare. But, they have nothing to do but to obey by the mandates of the government, otherwise they will suffer the consequence of getting penalized.

As a commuter, students have the right to ask the driver about the fare discounts in case that the driver purposely forgot to give the discounts.


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