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Effective Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer According to Science


Cancer is one of the leading causes of death of many people in the world. And for women, they are more likely to develop breast cancer than any other types. Sadly, there are thousands of women who die from the disease every year. It can be devastating, but the good thing is there are certain things that people can do to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.Effective-Ways-to-Prevent-Breast-Cancer-According-to-Science

Here are some of the effective ways to prevent breast cancer according to Science.

1. Be physically active and take time to exercise. According to Science, about 17 percent of breast cancer is because of the lack of physical activity. You don’t necessarily need to do vigorous exercises or work out, but the most important thing is that you devote some time every day to have any physical activity. It could be just as simple as brisk walking or simple movements you can do at home.

2. Watch over your weight. Science has found that being obese or overweight makes a person more likely to get breast cancer, especially when they already getting older. That is because obesity is associated with the inflammation of fat tissue which is the main source of estrogen. This result in a higher risk of breast cancer.

3. Eat healthily. One of the most effective ways to prevent not just breast cancer, but even any other types of cancer is by eating healthy. It is possible to lower cancer risk if you consume non-starchy vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, and foods that are rich in calcium.

4. Control your alcohol intake. Drinking too many alcoholic drinks is known to raise the risk of many cancers, including liver cancer. And according to the experts, even when you drink a glass of wine every day just to relax, it still does not make you get away with its effects on your body.


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