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Easy Ways to Get Your PSA Birth Certificate at SM


The birth certificate issued by the PSA is one of the documents that can be used for different purposes such as applying for work, for school enrollment, travel, to register business, or apply for business loans. It is also a requirement if you’ll get a valid ID from any government agency.


Getting your birth certificate directly from the PSA office would take you time in long lines waiting for your number in queue. You can also order your birth certificate online or at your nearest SM malls.

If you prefer to get your PSA birth certificate at SM, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the nearest SM Bills Payment Center. The SM Bills Payment Center accepts request for PSA birth certificate. Payment Center is usually located at SM Department store and SM Hypermarket.

Step 2. Fill up the Application Form. Ask a request form from the Payment Center staff and fill it out. Make sure to provide all the correct information required including the number of copies you will request. Submit the accomplished form to the staff along with other requirements.

Step 3. Make payment at the cashier. Each copy of PSA birth certificate would cost Php140 and additional Php20 for the SM service fee. It is cheaper than requesting online.

Step 4. Pick up your birth certificate after 10 working days at SM mall where you have requested. Bring valid ID and the official receipt.

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If you’re unable to claim the birth certificate personally, you can let a representative get it, but make sure to bring an authorization letter and valid ID.

It is necessary to have at hand a copy of your PSA birth certificate as you can use it for various purposes.


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