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Can You Really Save Money by Using Uber and Grab Rides?


Going from one place to another is really struggling especially if you don’t own a car not to mention the irritable traffic. The Japanese International Cooperation Agency had conducted a study and found out that the loss in the economy of the Philippines may rise up to Php 6 billion if the traffic woes were left unchecked.


Public transports are the best alternatives to go to different places around the metro and Uber and Grab are the most commonly used transport option. But, how can you save money by using the service of these public transports?

The fare in Uber and Grab is higher than on buses and trains or cabs.  If you will use this transport option alone, you can’t save. But, in case of ride sharing, obviously you can save and at the same time enjoy the convenience it brings.

You can also save money by using Grab or Uber through discounts, promo codes and other promotions.

Here are some tips on how to save money on Uber and Grab:

  1. Book your trips in advance

If you know the schedule of your trip, the best thing to do is to book in advance so that you can save from the discounted fare.

  1. Share a ride

In case four to six people who are living in the same area will use the service of Uber or Grab, they can share a ride and they can also divide the total fare.

  1. Use discount codes

Grab offers a Rider Reward system in which the rider can earn points that can be exchange for a discount coupon.

In some cases, the rider should share his or her personal promo code with friends to earn discounts. In like manner, using Grab lets you earn points that can be converted to discounts that you can use for the next ride.

Obviously, using Grab and Uber can really save you money not to mention the convenience as compared to using other public transport options.


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