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Best Foods You Should Eat to Boost Brainpower


Eating the right kinds of food will not only be beneficial for your physical health but also for your mental health. Just as your lungs and heart need the right food to function properly, your brain also need essential nutrients. Here are some of the foods you should eat to boost your brain power.


1. Avocados are one of the healthiest foods you can eat for your mental wellbeing. Although it is known for its high fat content, they are actually packed with the good kind of fats. They are also helpful in stabilizing your blood sugar levels and can make your skin glow. One of the most important use of avocados for the brain is that it prevent blood clots because it contains folate and Vitamin K.

2. Wholegrains are not only essential for your body but also for your brain because your brain can hardly work without enough energy. If you lack energy, you will find it difficult to think, concentrate and focus.

3. Broccoli is an excellent source of Vitamin K and choline which are very helpful in keeping your memory sharp. It also contains Vitamin C and is rich in fiber.

4. When you eat eggs, the communication among your brain cells are maintained. Eggs also help keep your memory sharp because the yolks are rich in choline. So if you are going to take memory tests, it is choline that will help you achieve a better performance.

5. Salmon contains omega 4 fatty acids which are very helpful for your brain, especially for the young adults. A study has found that those who increased their intake of salmon and other cold water fish have shown an improvement on their scores which measure their memory.

Now that you know which foods are better for your brain, you know what to do moving forward to boost your brain function.


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