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5 Silent Signs That You Might Have Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the common diseases that can sneak up on you without you knowing it. Once you have this disease, it can entail a lot of complications affecting your other organs in the body. It increases your risk of heart disease, blindness, kidney disease and others.


This is the reason why it is important that you are aware of the signs and pay attention to them before the condition gets worse and before it is too late.

1. You pee more often that you should. When you have diabetes, your body is becoming less efficient in breaking down sugar. As a result, the sugar sits in your bloodstream and it is being flushed out in the urine. And this is the reason why you feel the need to go to the bathroom a lot.

2. You feel thirstier than usual. Because you urinate more often, you also feel thirstier. However, people with existing diabetes tend to quench their thirst with drinks that are also rich in sugar including soda, fruit juices or chocolate milk, but all these drinks will just make the problem worse.

3. You are having difficulty reading. When you have high levels of blood sugar, you are more likely to experience difficulty in reading because the blood vessels in your retina get damaged. This is the so-called retinopathy.

4. You lose weight. If you are beginning to lose weight for no reason, it could be because of diabetes. This is even more alarming when you are eating more but then you still keep n shedding off pounds.

5. You crave for carbs. When you feel like you are craving for carbs all of a sudden, it could be a warning sign of diabetes. That is because the high sugar levels makeĀ it hard for your body to regulate glucose.

Diabetes is an illness that should not be taken lightly. When you observe these signs, you need to get yourself checked ASAP.



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