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4 Truths about the Life of Being an OFW


Many of the Filipino citizens have aspired to leave the country and find greener pastures in another country. They have dream of working as an OFW simply because they want to land better-paying jobs to provide the needs of their families. If this is not the case for all, then at least for most Filipinos.


And there is nothing wrong about fulfilling this dream. However, being an OFW is not all about the better salary, it is also not a walk in the park; it is not the perfect picture of success and prosperity. For those who are not aware, while being an OFW has many perks, there are also some truths about their lives that they choose not to tell everyone.

1. OFWs are not rich. While there are success stories of Filipinos making it big in other countries around the globe, there are still some who are just making both ends meet with their income. Even if they earn dollars from working abroad, there are still a lot who are not really able to overcome their financial challenges due to many factors.

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2. Savings is not easy. If you don’t know, not even half of OFWs have managed to set money aside for savings. It is because they have a lot of bills and even debts to pay here, they have to buy the pasalubong and the stuff for their balikbayan box and of course, their personal expenses abroad.

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3. Most of them live a lonely life. Unless their families are with them abroad, many OFWs are actually lonely. This is especially true for those working in countries where there are not a lot of Filipinos and those who are not really well versed in the English language. Interaction and socialization are not that easy. However, thanks to the internet, communicating with their families and friends in the Philippines is now a lot easier.

4. They wish they can just go home anytime. Most OFWs would agree that they came to a point in their lives when  they wish they could just give up their employment and go home to be with their loved ones. However, their families think of them as the savior who can take them out of misery and poverty, leaving the OFWs with no choice but to continue their sacrifice all for the love of their families who rely on them for financial support.


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